What is included when I sign up?

As soon as you sign up you get on-demand access to ALL of my CRUSH IT training programs (home and gym versions), access to the nutrition plans, meal plans, recipes and exclusive access to my private Facebook group where you can interact with me and the other members.

Are the CRSUH IT programs suitable for women and men?

Yes! The team and I have designed the workouts and the nutrition to suit both women and men, whether your goal is to build muscle, lean out or lose weight. This is the ideal app for you as you can chose the ideal program to suit your own goal!

Is there a dedicated inbox for specific enquiries regarding workouts and/or nutrition?

Yes, you can contact the Crew at service@senadagreca.com and we’ll aim to get back to you within 1 business day.

Does this guide include a personalised nutrition plan?

Yes! You get immediate access to the nutrition plans, recipes and shopping lists, which you can personalized to you, based on your inputs into the macro-calculator.

Why did you develop the CRUSH IT App?

My goal is to help you make fitness a sustainable and core part of your life. It’s a journey I’ve been on for many years and I’ve now collaborated with fitness & nutrition professionals from around the globe to bring you my CRUSH IT: ANYWHERE, EXPERT, GYM and CrusHIIT programs.

Fitness for me is daily therapy. It goes beyond short-term challenges, New Year resolutions and bikini season! It’s an integral part of my life that has truly transformed me from the outside in. AND I’m sharing all this with you in my programs, including one of the most important components, the power of Mind-Muscle Connection (MMC) in maximizing results.

How many Programs are there?

Within the app you have access to ALL of my CRUSH IT programs. Details are here:


I have 6 CRUSH IT Anywhere programs which you can perform in the gym or at home, and 1 CRUSH IT Gym program.

You also get access to ALL of my CrusHIIT programs – high intensity interval training where you can burn body fat whilst not losing muscle.

In addition, you get my new yoga flow, stretches and activations.

Are the workout programs suitable for home and the gym?

Yes! I’ve designed 6 CRUSH IT 'ANYWHERE' programs for you to either perform at home or at the gym. You just need your body weight, resistance bands and dumbbells.

I've also designed the CRUSH IT GYM program, if you have access to a gym and really want to push yourself.

All the workout videos, my tips, meal plans and recipes are on the CRUSH IT app, so you’ll just need your mobile, laptop or tablet with an internet connection. 

Is the app available outside of the USA?

Yes! CRUSH IT is totally online so available anywhere where there’s Internet access!

Can I change my workout level within the app?

Yes! You are able to switch workout levels at any stage, although the workouts have been designed to progress and get more challenging over time, so I recommend that you stick with your level for at least 4 weeks.

Are these programs for muscle gain, toning up or weight loss?

These programs are designed for you to achieve YOUR goals – whatever they are.

Nutrition is key to your goals. You can use the macro-calculator within the app to create your personalized meal plan to either build muscle, maintain your body weight (to tone up) or lose weight.

You can re-visit your goals at any time, your workouts and your  meal plan.

How many workouts per week are included?

Dependant on the program level you choose, there are between 5-6 workouts a week. 

Approximately how much time do I need to complete each workout?

The app has been designed to be flexible for you. Ideally, you’ll have 6o minutes set aside for the workout.

How many weeks does it take to complete each program?

Each program has been designed to be completed over 12 weeks (except the Expert program which is 8 weeks), but feel free to complete it in your own time – you just need to be subscribed to the CRUSH IT app.

Can I repeat the guide once I have completed it?

Yes! you can repeat it as many times as you like, you just have to be subscribed to the CRUSH IT app. I’d also recommend that once you’ve completed your level, you move onto the next level.

Has this guide been designed by you? 

Yes, I’ve designed these programs based on my personal blueprint and with the assistance of my team of PT’s, sports scientists and nutritionists.

Is this guide based on the training you do yourself?

It is taken from my exact training program that has helped me and countless others reach their goals.

Can I use the app if I have an injury or medical condition?

Your safety is our first concern, and part of our enrollment process is that you seek advice from your health care professional before embarking on an exercise program, especially if you have pre-existing injuries or conditions. They will give you a recommendation as to which exercises to avoid and which ones you can perform safely.

What’s included when I sign up to the app?

You get immediate access to all my workouts, guidance on the best program for you, customer service team, meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.

You also get immediate access to my private Facebook group where we can connect, and you can discuss the program and your progress with other members.

Do I have to follow the program exactly as it was created?

To your best ability yes, if for any reason you can't, you can switch exercises within the app.

What results can I expect to see at the end of this guide?

12-week muscle answer: To have overall increased muscle mass and strength with confidence boosting results. 
12-week shred answer: To have decreased body fat creating a leaner and stronger physique. 

How do I know which guide is suitable for me?

Simply watch my video and read about the programs here (Senadagreca.com/programs)

If you have any concerns about choosing the right program for you, please contact the CRUSH IT CREW customer service team and they can guide you through it. Remember you can switch programs at any stage within the app.

I don’t like the app; can I get a refund?

When you purchase any plan or digital product, you agree to no refunds as stated in the Terms & conditions on the website. This is because the content is delivered instantly to the buyer and can be seen by the buyer. Refunds can only be given in the following circumstances:

  • If there was a technical issue and we can see that the content was never sent.
  • If the transaction was not a genuine transaction (card fraud etc).
  • If there was a duplicate order or payment.

Where can I find your Terms & Conditions?

You can read our Terms & Conditions document here: (senadagreca.com/terms)